The Moniaive Chocolatiers

Supply Chain Issues

Alongside the whole country, at The Moniaive Chocolatiers, we have been watching the news regarding supply chain issues with trepidation.

Thankfully, we have not been majorly affected yet.

Like everyone, anytime we switch log on to a news site or switch on the TV, we see more and more stories regarding the supply chain issues affecting food, or fuel, or even toys at Christmas.

At this stage, we have had no major issues. In fact, packaging is the only thing we have had trouble with so far, and that was only delayed by a matter of days. However, in order to ready ourselves should the situation deteriorate, we have prepared the following:

  • We are keeping a larger stock of ingredients on hand to insulate us against any supply chain disruption.
  • Building a larger stock of prepared products than in previous years, also to insulate us against any disruption (only applicable to those products with longer shelf lives).
  • We have procedures in place should we run low on anything. This includes deactivating products from our website, contacting customers with any pending orders that are affected, and preparing alternatives wherever possible.
  • Procedures should we exhaust any stock. Again, this includes contacting any affected customers, with an extensive list of alternative products ready.

We aim not to pass any disruption we experience on to you, our customers.

However, please be aware that we may have to change the way we package our products with little notice (this seems by far the most likely way we will be affected), or vary our decorations as necessary. We hope you understand, and have patience with us as we all get through this.


In good news however, despite our rural location, only one staff member commutes by car – everyone else walks, cycles, or uses public transport – so no matter what, we will not fail to be here for you!