The Moniaive Chocolatiers

Tiny Tartans


A beautiful little gift from Scotland – 16 little chocolate discs, with 8 hand-painted with pearlescent food paint and 8 unpainted, all hand-decorated with our tartan pattern lines, and arranged in a stunning box. An ideal gift, for yourself or others!

Available as a mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate, or as boxes of all-one-type if you really want to indulge…

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A beautiful gift box containing 16 chocolate discs, totalling approx. 70g. Eight are hand decorated with pearlescent food paint, eight are plain, and all are adorned with our hand-drizzled tartan pattern.

Available as:

  • A mixed box, with 6 dark chocolate (min. 72% cocoa solids) discs, 6 milk chocolate (min. 37% cocoa solids) discs, and 4 white chocolate discs with included fresh vanilla seeds.
  • A box of all one kind of chocolate – all dark, all milk, or all white.

Ideal as a gift for yourself or others – and a personal recommendation from this writer, they’re the perfect size to go with a cup of coffee!