The Moniaive Chocolatiers

Taste o’ Tartan Bars


The world’s first Tartan chocolate, exclusive from The Moniaive Chocolatiers.

With one bar hand decorated with pearlescent food paint, the other with raspberry & strawberry powder, and both drizzled with chocolate lines, these tartan bars will add a splash of colour and a touch of Scotland anywhere they’re seen!

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Available in dark (min. 72% cocoa solids), milk (min 37% cocoa solids), and white chocolate, one 50g bar is hand decorated with pearlescent food paint to mimic the fabric background colours, and hand-drizzled lines to represent the highlights. The second bar is sprinkled with raspberry & strawberry powder to add a beautiful touch of extra flavour, and drizzled with chocolate lines because we love them so much. The lines can come in dark, milk, white, and coloured white chocolate.

If you’re looking for a specific tartan for a large event, such as for wedding favours, corporate gifts, or personalised gifts, please contact us.