The Moniaive Chocolatiers

Chocolate Workshop Voucher


Ever wanted to learn how we make chocolate? Now you can, with this 2-hour workshop voucher! Learn how we work, how we mould, fill, and decorate our chocolates, under the watchful (but very friendly) eyes of our master chocolatiers, Liz and Colin.

This Chocolate Workshop Voucher gets you a 2-hour long personalised lesson with our master chocolatiers, Liz and Colin.

Starting with the mixing and moulding of the chocolate, you’ll learn the secrets of how to get that lovely snap when you bite it, or the ultra-glossy surface you see. You’ll learn exactly why our production line can be surprisingly noisy, and even the secret household item that’s a vital tool in the process (clue; you won’t find it in your kitchen…). Moving on to filling the chocolates, we’ll teach you the ways to keep your hands, and the moulds, clean (not easy with caramel, trust me!) before showing you how to close up the chocolates.

Then, the decorating – you’ll be taught all our different methods to decorate chocolate, then your creativity is unleashed as you try them all out on your own chocolates!

After all this, you’ll have a large selection of chocolates – hand made by yourself – to take home (if you can resist them on your way) and share with your loved ones (yeah, right!).

So come and join us as we show you the tips, tricks, and tools of the chocolatiers’ trade!