The Moniaive Chocolatiers

Our Ethos

The Moniaive Chocolatiers is a female-led independent business in which a small team of chocolatiers create organic, fairly-traded and hand-made chocolates. The filled chocolates are made using Liz’s unique recipes and consist of fresh ingredients.


The Moniaive Chocolatiers prides itself on innovation, creativity and fine Scottish artisanship. Liz believes that chocolatiering is an art form. This is why she embraces the individual talents of her in-house team, giving them freedom and independence to channel their own creative expression and to generate new ideas.


Liz supports and collaborates with many local businesses and artists. We have a revolving gallery of local artists’ work on the walls. Liz hosts pop-up shops and has used local produce such as single malt whisky from The Creative Whisky Company, founded in Thornhill, and honey from Stonely Smallholding in Closeburn to produce her freshly filled chocolates. We’re always interested in new collaborations, so don’t hesitate to contact us if this interests you.


The Moniaive Chocolatiers offers a much more distinctive experience than a factory-made mass-produced brand would. Everything is made on-site in Thornhill. You can visit us and see for yourselves: watch us stirring, cooking, ladelling, decorating, painting…and tasting (one of the perks of the job!) in our spacious public workshop. We want visitors to be able to experience the sensual craftmanship of chocolate for themselves: smell, see, taste it.


Another unique trait of our business is our bespoke service. There is rarely a request that Liz will refuse. Do you have a particular idea that you can’t find on the website? Contact us and we’ll do what we can to create what you need. We take pleasure in helping and accommodating our customers.


Lastly, a matter which is pressing on all of our minds is sustainability. We, at The Moniaive Chocolatiers, recognise the urgent need to reduce (and eventually eradicate) our plastic packaging from our business. This is why we have been developing new plastic-free packaging. It’s not available yet but we hope you can bear with us until it is.