The Moniaive Chocolatiers

COVID Safety

At The Moniaive Chocolatiers, we take COVID safety seriously.

In order to ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers, we have implemented the following safety guidelines:

We maintain social distancing at all times.

  • For staff, we have set up individual workstations, so we don’t get too close to each other.
  • For customers, we have an 8-people-in-two-bubbles maximum in the shop at any time. 

To explain that last rule, we have a fairly large shop and often have groups shopping together. If one group is in a bubble together, we have more than enough space to serve a second group at the same time. 

Our staff wear masks or face shields at all times.

It’s personal choice for whichever each staff member prefers, the face shields are proving the more popular choice despite them being dubbed “the cone of shame” or being called “Ghostbusters” while wearing them!

Hand sanitiser is available at all times, with bottles placed stratigically around the shop.

We even have our own branded carry-size bottles available for sale. 

All staff have access to lateral flow tests whenever they want them.

We believe continued testing is the best way to keep everyone safe, so we ensure we always have a sufficient supply of tests, and staff are encouraged to use them whenever they need them. 

Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected during this terrible period, and look forward to a time when all this is behind us.