The Moniaive Chocolatiers

Clan Gatherings

To date, The Moniaive Chocolatiers has designed tartan chocolate for several clan gatherings in Scotland including the Leslie Clan Gathering as part of the celebrations of the Edinburgh Tattoo, and the Lindsay Clan Gathering in Fife. It is important for us to emphasise, however, that we are not simply restricted to providing tartan chocolates for clan gatherings in Scotland; we are looking to reach out to the Scottish diaspora in countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

We would use your tartan colours throughout the design of your clan chocolates from the colours of the chocolate to the ribbon to the label. The latter of which would display your clan crest. We are flexible designers, so please do not hesitate to voice any other specific requests. Contact Liz at or call her at the chocolatiers on 01848 200 000 to discuss.